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Big Booty Butt Building Home Exercises!

Heres some great butt exercises to build a big round bubble butt booty that you can do from home, these exercises are also great for your legs.
This is great for beginners to start with. If you’re advanced add more weight and do less reps.
Squats 30-40 reps is good for a beginner. Once your more advanced get a barbell and do 12-18 reps.
Side Step Lunges
Side Step Back Lunges
For those two exercises Do as many as you can on each side to start. Once you can do more then 25 per side add some weight like a bar or dumbbell.
Side Step Under Squats. Do as many as you can.
Jumping Deadlifts Do as many as you can.

Repeat 2-3x for a great butt and leg workout.

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4 April 2013 at 03:20
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