Rock Your Body

The ‘Juicy Ass Builder’ Workout

Hi BodyRockers,

Please have your 911 dispatch on speed dial, because Coach Sydney is about to ignite your cheeks. This workout is building ass one rep at a time, with all of the best movements for a 360 degree booty renovation. 

Single Leg Glute Bridges

RDL ‘Leg Painters’ 

Curtsey Lunges

Goblet Squat Ass Taps

Hamstring Curl Sliders

This workout incorporates dumbbells, but you can go 100% bodyweight only, and still approach the surface temperature of the sun when it comes to the overall burn you will get. For the Sliders, a towel works on hardwood and linuloium, and a magazine cover or glossy paper will work for carpets. Get a bit creative, and make it work. 

There is an excellent chance that you can optimize and improve your Curtsey Lunge by paying close attention to the tip Coach Sydney gives you about her hip placement and position. We are trying to bring you guys the best possible instruction so that you consistently improve your performance and results. 

Finally, Syd forgot to include the Curtsey Lunges in the final round, so you get a bit of a break there – but she also throws down the challenge of doing a 4th round on your own. If you take her up on this, you can include the Curtsey’s and make up for it! 

The final workout in this 6 part series will be Mobility focused – so look forward to some amazing stretching coming up next! Join us on for the full series, and all of our home workouts designed for rapid fat loss and athletic conditioning. Use code: FIT50 for 50% off lifetime!




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20 May 2023 at 00:36
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