Rock Your Body


Don’t take this literally, your overall diet is just as important of course!! If I’d start eating the same way I did in my 20’s you probably wouldn’t recognize me :)

That said, I’d be just as out of shape if not worse off if I stopped exercising. To me, daily exercise and intense workouts are the fountain of youth!

So if you’d like to start feeling amazing in your body and have more energy, then I invite you to join ZGYM and start doing one of my focused workout programs or follow the weekly workout schedule if you enjoy variety. I have members that really push themselves and do my advanced workouts and I also have women that just want to feel good in their body and have more energy. Either way, if you can dedicate those 15-20 minutes a day to a ZGYM workout, you gonna feel like a bad ass!

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27 September 2022 at 22:11
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