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Equipment Recommendations

We believe that the only investment you need to make in your health is your commitment. This is why we pride ourselves on providing free at home personal training. You do not need any equipment to do any of our workouts or challenges. You can use items you’d find around your house as resistance.

Keep in mind: You’ve really got to trust your common sense to tell you whether or not one of our equipment suggestions is going to work with what you have around your house.

We do, however, use some fitness equipment in our videos. Not much, but some. Equipment provides a safe, secure, and no fuss form resistance, so we dig it.

Here we’ll give your our equipment recommendations for the Anytime Fitness Tone and Fit Challenge. We’ll also give you some suggestions if you don’t have the equipment. You can use the equipment or suggestions for the challenge or any of our HIIT training workouts. The 3 pieces of equipment we recommend here are actually the 3 most used pieces of equipment in ALL of our DailyHIIT workouts and challenges.

Our Anytime Fitness Tone and Fit Challenge equipment recommendations include: The T-Bar, the Equalizers and the Ugi Ball.

The versatility and ease of use of the T-Bar makes it one of our favourite pieces of fitness equipment. The safety clips keep the weight plates on securely, but they’re also easy to unsnap when you need to change your resistance or use a plate for another exercise. You can utilize the different grips on the T-Bar to work every single muscle group. That’s right: Every single one. You can also take off the plates to use like dumbbells for curls, flys, tricep extensions, and core work. The result is one of the best pieces of equipment for full body workouts.

*No equipment substitute:
You don’t need to have a bar to reap the benefits of the T-Bar. You can get a full body workout by filling up two empty jugs of vinegar, anti-freeze or laundry detergent with water or sand. The size of the jug is up to you, just make sure the container is tightly sealed. Put some duct-tape around the lid for good measure. You can fill up different sizes for different resistance. Use one jug in each hand to mimic the exercise as performed with the T-Bar.

Sandbag Stand-In:
With the except of lacking the plates, the sandbag can be used in much the same way as the T-Bar. You can use it for upper body workouts, lower body workouts and core workouts — but if you don’t have a sandbag, here’s a great option: Use an empty and durable bag. Knapsacks work, as do gym bags, but in our experience, the closest substitute is the bag used to store your sleeping bag. They are fairly narrow and long. Pack the bag with books, cans of soup, socks, or a combination there of. Just make sure the bag is sturdy and strong. You don’t want to be doing a shoulder-press and have a can of Campbell’s land on your head.

The Equalizers:
Equalizers are fantastic fitness equipment for optimizing body weight exercises. Use them to sculpt your upper body and tone your core. You can do tricep dips, push ups, hip extensions, pull ups and more. You can also use them as resistance for front raises, or as hurdles or agility exercises. They are also easy to store in small spaces.
*No equipment substitute:
Two sturdy chairs or stools:
‘Sturdy’ really is the operative word here. Swivel stools, for example, are not going to be a good option. You can place the chairs slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, place your hands palms down on the tops, and use them for dips, hip flexes, planks or push-ups — just make sure the floor is not slick. Alternatively, you can always do push ups or planks on the floor, and do a triangle push up (hands close together, thumbs and forefingers touching) instead of tricep dips. You can also use one chair for dips — simply place your hands palms down directly behind your hips.

The Ugi Ball:
The Ugi Ball is one of the best pieces of fitness equipment core workouts. It helps force you to use your abs to stabilize, thereby intensifying the exercise. You can also use the Ugi Ball for rotational core workouts and as a point of reference for cardio training.
*No equipment substitute:
Put your jugs to good use — again! While you can’t sit on your jugs like you can the Ugi Ball, you can use it as a point of reference or as resistance in twisting exercises.

While pillows will not provide the resistance of the Ugi Ball, sitting on one will make it harder for you to stabilize your core during core workouts.
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