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Sexy Booty Workout With Deadlifts

You can get a great butt workout and a sexy booty with deadlifts. Fitness Model is teaching you a simple workout you can do to build a Hot Booty. Most the equipment you can buy at a store cheap or find in the gym, 20-30lbs barbell is less then $50 but you could probably find a used one for a lot less. 5-10lbs ankle weights are ideal to start with then build up to 15lbs. This workout can be done at Home, the Gym, or outside. Workout: Barbell Deadlifts: 12-15reps Straight Leg Deadlift: 12-15 reps Wide Stance Deadlifts: 12-15 reps Hopping Deadlifts: Do as many as you can I recommend resting 1min between each exercise. To build a sexy round butt you need to workout your BUTT HARD 2-3x a week for at least 45min or more. I’ll be adding more butt workouts like this if you like it and give a positive comment.

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13 January 2013 at 18:24
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