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The Weekender – New Series!

The Weekender!!! Join us every Saturday and Sunday!

When everyone else is gearing down for the weekend, we’re powering up with this series of short and sweaty workouts to keep the good vibes (and great gains) going. Whatever your fitness goals, The Weekender series will help you feel as amazing as you look.

Change It Up: New Trainers, Familiar Faces, Different Workout Styles!

You’ve got things you want to do on the weekend (even if what you want to do is nothing at all), so we keep these workouts short but powerful. You’ll increase your total body strength and endurance in just 20 minutes. That’s all you really need if you’re working to your full potential—and we KNOW you’ve got a lot of that.

Then, we hit you in the jellies, with a pep talk-style chat with your BodyRock Trainers. Here, you’ll get to know your trainers better as they talk about common challenges but also, triumphs of trying to live a healthier, happier life in your strong AF and sexy as hell body.

You know you’ve got 30 minutes, and you’ve definitely got this. The Weekender is good for all fitness levels!

All for only $1.99!⁠
What’s more? You’ll also gain access to every single workout we offer! ⁠

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22 April 2021 at 15:15
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