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Trailblazer: 1 Week Mother’s Day Workout Program – Series Trailer

Be powerful. Be strong. Be a TRAILBLAZER.

The first workout premieres LIVE on Sweatflix May 10th @ 1pm EST. Preregister here:


When I became a Mom, I realized that I was suddenly a trailblazer. I was setting the tone for the household, every day. My habits and moods and energy levels were reflected by everyone in my family. If I wanted healthy, happy kids, I had to find a way to become a healthy, happy Mother.

Kids are little sponges, which is actually really wonderful! You can inspire them for LIFE, simply by working out and eating right. Watching us transform ourselves is a very deep, lasting lesson for our kids.

My kids are my motivation. I know that if I skip a workout, or eat half a pizza, they are soaking up that information too. Of course it’s ok to have cheat days or rest days, but how you communicate what that’s about and how to get back on track makes ALL the difference.

I want to be the best Mom I can be. I want an active family, ready for anything and full of energy. And I know, this starts with ME. For all the Mothers like me out there, who are blazing trails of their own for their kids, this workout is for you.

Signed, Jessie + Tammy


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8 May 2020 at 14:20
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