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BodyRock Move of the Week: Dolphin to Full Plank + Leg Lifts


Learn how to build arm muscle that would make Venus Williams envious!

Beth makes it look easy, but it is oh-so-much tougher than that–but this sort of challenge is just what you need to learn how to build arm muscles that are strong, sexy and sculpted.

This move doesn’t even require a lot of resistance and can be done without the stability ball if you don’t have it (but you really should get one!)

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Keep your core engaged by tucking your belly button into your spine and keeping your hips parallel with the floor.

Keep shoulders above elbows at all times.

Push-up from the heels of your hands.

If you cannot press your body up with both arms at once, walk yourself up from dolphin plank to full plank one arm at a time.

You can also do this move without the stability ball if it is too challenging at first.


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11 January 2020 at 01:45
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