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BodyRock Move of the Week: Over-Under Abs – RockYou
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BodyRock Move of the Week: Over-Under Abs

One of the best exercises for six-packs!

Lock in your core of incredible, sculpted results. Over-Under Abs our one of our favorite exercises for six-packs. It hones in on your abs, as well as your hips and–thanks to the Challenger Bars–your shoulders and back as well, making this move of the week amazing for your entire upper body.


Pull your belly button into your spine to keep the work in your muscles and engage your core.

Relax your shoulders–don’t tense up.

Complete the move without the Challenger Bars if the exercise is too challenging.

Don’t rush! Take your time and think about the muscles you’re using.


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3 January 2020 at 21:00
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