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15 Minute Standing Bikini Cardio Abs Workout | Standing Ab Exercises you can do anywhere

10 Minutes Standing Ab Workout video with fantastic standing Abs exercises! You don’t need to get on the floor to work your abs. Standing Core Exercises you can do anywhere and it is fantastic great cardio abs workout.
(20 min video)


You don’t need to get on the floor to work your abs. The majority of the abdominal exercises in the fitness world require you to lie on the floor, mainly on your back. But this can be a problem for people who have back injuries or someone who has a problem getting up and down from the laying position.

You can work your abs standing up just as much as you can lying down. Standing ab exercises may actually be even more beneficial for you. They are a great way to start out if you are a beginner exerciser. Many people who are just starting out find getting down to the floor to perform crunches a bit difficult. If you begin by working your abs in the standing position, you can give your abdominal muscles a little time to warm up and get stronger before getting to the more advanced level. Now, this isn’t to say that standing ab exercises are just for beginners. They are great for everyone.

Did you Know? Benefits of Doing Standing Ab Exercises

Working your abs while standing up has the following benefits.

1.) You’re a lot less likely to strain your neck doing abdominal exercises standing up than you are laying down.

2.) Standing up ab exercises are more comfortable (not easier!) than what a lot of people tend to think of as traditional, on your back ab exercises. Clients with a history of low back pain tell me stand up ab work is much easier on the low back than getting in and out of supine position on the floor.

3.) You can keep standing abs low impact to improve balance and stability or make the movement quick (still fluid and strong) for high intensity fat burn. Either way, when working your core while standing up you’re on your feet burning calories. it is great cardio abs workout.

4.) If you’re spine hurts doing ab strengthening exercises, even with a mat, eliminate spinal discomfort with standing ab exercises. So you have a bony spine! Working out shouldn’t be torturous and everything is modifiable. The dreaded bicycle ab exercise, for example, can be rotated 90 degrees so that you’re doing bicycles on your feet.

5.) Standing core exercises are better than floor exercises because you can do them anywhere!

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