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My personal experience of studying and working in Australia
Recently there is interest from Greeks to learn more about Australia, so I would give brief information about my experience in Australia.
As you know anyone who has visited the site www . Alfa – Agency . EU was born in the Czech Republic. Since my dream was to study fitness and to visit Australia, office of Alfa Agency in Czech Republic with directing the Australian Academy of Sport and fitness in Sydney. The tuition was about 3.500 Euro per year. Students are entitled to Australia (along with their dependents) to work part time during their studies and full time during vacations.
This means that those who are willing to start any work, this could be a major contributor to total costs of study and stay in Australia despite expensive (compared with Greece) rents Australia. Those who naturally expect that all will come ready not manage anything. I say this in response to all those who went on a tourist visa in Melbourne and hoped that the Greek community in Australia would help in finding work and the possible migration there.
I would like to emphasize that Australia has very strict laws and controls on immigration. Someone who comes to Australia on a tourist visa in order to find employment and immigration has very serious drawbacks. First, someone who goes on a tourist visa can not find a job (in case you want to find illegal), because there are many stakeholders who have a legal right to work as many students. The first question is whether an employer is a visa that allows work. Of course all Greeks expect the Greek community in Australia to solve all their problems, but because of the number of incoming tourist visa with the Greek community in Australia can not do anything and asks them to return back to Greece.
As a student in Australia I had the opportunity to explore and travel to Australia. Definitely look forward to again visited Australia to rejoin my old classmates who were married or where the employer took a permanent visa in Australia. Of course many of my fellow students returned to their countries of origin but all share the same incredible memories from Australia!
I understand how you feel those who want to go to Australia. Also know what to expect when you arrive in Australia and that’s because I went to Australia and stayed there two years. If your goals include studying in Australia will be happy to direct you. The EMAIL is


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4 March 2012 at 13:34
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